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A Look at the Life Story of Mrs. India, Deepali Phadnis It’s no secret that every single woman out there, regardless of race, religion, nationality, or age, would dream of becoming a beauty queen. It is not just wishful thinking or a hopeless reverie, since part of being a woman is taking pride in being beautiful. But the unfortunate thing is today’s standards of winning a crown is dominated by the how small the waistline or slim the figure is. But if you look at India and the story of one woman, you will realize that there actually some people in the world who can defy the norms and set a new standard. Her name is Deepali Phadnis and this is her story. Deepali’s dream, just like so many other young girls in the country, was to someday be crowned Miss India. In her teens, she was well on her way to becoming a formidable prospect to be a beauty queen, thanks to her tall height and slim figure. Unfortunately for her, the family belonged to the middle class, which meant that education for young ones is the sole priority of life.
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Although she never really abandoned her dream of becoming a beauty titlist one day, an unfortunate incident in her life almost took everything away from her. Back in 2006, Deepali met an accident that seriously threatened her life, but fortunately she only got a ligament injury and bone fractures. As a result of the injuries, she needed bed rest for six months, preventing her from doing anything else. Ultimately, she couldn’t force herself to perform her usual physical activities, giving her body the opportunity to grow bigger, which then resulted to gaining more weight in the process.
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Nevertheless, Deepali never lost hope, thanks to the support of her family and her special one, Devadatta Mahapatra, who took it upon himself to motivate her. She eventually managed to lose all the excess weight in the hope of fulfilling her dream, even though it took her four painful years to do it. Unfortunately, Deepali no longer could join Miss India because she decided in 2009 to marry Devadatta. Quite surprisingly, even the change of her civil status didn’t become a hindrance in fulfilling her dream. With her husband on her side, Deepali decided to audition for Mrs. India beauty pageant. Her purpose of joining was not just to prove to herself that she has what it takes to take her dream to the next level, but to mainly win the crown. And yes, she did it by winning the Mrs. India International – Chennai title in 2011, and then followed it up with the Mrs. Asia International crown the year after. Today, Deepali Phadnis is an icon for millions of women in India. What’s even more amazing is that aside from being a beauty icon in India, she also is a prominent figure in raising awareness about diabetes. She is the perfect example of woman empowerment in modern day India.

Upcoming shows!

Dear friends,

Don’t miss upcoming shows of the Ismailova Theatre of Dance to see new and exciting dance theatre work in Toronto:
We will be performing contemporary dance duet about the strange ways of love. There is a great performance line-up at the show, so come and support Toronto’s the most creative dancers, choreographers and musicians. For the ticket information contact me at ismtheatreofdance (at) gmail (dot) com.
Dancers: Edgar Isturiz, Alexandra Howells.
2. Masala! Mehndi! Masti! WINTERFEST IN HARBOURFRONT on February 20th (dance performances from 1pm to 4pm)
For this show we are working in unusual genre for our Theatre – the 7 min piece is full of oriental and Asian motives. It’s a very fresh work being rehearsed right now, so we are excited ourselves to see what is going to happen at the stage of the Harbourfront Centre.
Dancers: Edgar Isturiz, Alexandra Howells, Jennifer Enchin, Jaclyn Enchin, Greg Tikhomirov, Merey Ismailova and guest dancers from RSA Dance Theatre Ensemble.
3. WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE?! Winter Arts Festival at the IN HOUSE THEATRE, 11 Lonsdale Rd.
The piece we are going to perform for the Festival is still to be announced, so stay tuned!
We are proud to announce that the Ismailova Theatre of Dance has been invited to Kitchener to perform at the French Festival. We will perform dance theatre piece inspired by French culture, especially French music!
Hope to see you on our upcoming shows! We appreciate your support!
For the ticket information on any of the shows contact me at ismtheatreofdance (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Masala! Mehndi! Masti! Winterfest in Harbourfront Centre, Feb 20th! It’s FREE!

Ismailova Theatre of Dance is performing 8 min piece on the South Asian Winterfest in Harbourfront Centre this Saturday, the 20th!!!

Come out and enjoy the show for free!

We are excited to perform our fresh creation! The first part named Photograph is inspired by contemporary dance and physical theatre and the second part is full of oriental, Asian and Bollywood motives.
Date: February 20th, Saturday
Time: 2:30 pm
Address: 235 Queens Quay West, Harbourfront Centre, Brigantine Room. From Union subway station take the streetcar that goes to Harbourfront Centre.

Dancers: Edgar Isturiz, Alexandra Howells, Jaclyn Enchin, Jennifer Enchin, Greg Tikhomirov, Merey Ismailova and dancers of the RSA Dance Ensemble.

Photo credit: Elmira Kurmakaeva

Video: excerpts from the Harbourfront show, February 20th

Check out our new video!

Excerpts from the performance at Masala! Mehndi! Masti! South Asian Festival in Harbourfront Centre on February 20th, 2010.